Iqmol Molecular Orbitals

In recent years, Iqmol Molecular Orbitals, Inc. has been working on developing the molecular imaging systems that will give us the ability to see molecular interactions without having to actually get our hands on the molecules. This is the same technology that is used in […]

Radical Orbital Switches

Radical orbital switching is the process of switching the magnetic properties of one or more magnetic materials. This process can be used to create the materials needed for various magnetic properties. It is commonly used to switch between the magnetic properties of a single or […]

Modeling and Simulations – How To Get Started

Modeling and Simulation is the study of complex systems using models as an input for simulated simulations to develop specific data used for analytical or managerial decision making. Many different fields use modeling techniques including chemical, energy, civil and structural engineering, management, mathematics and even […]