How to Formulate Guitar Chirps

When looking at the way your formation is formed you should always be thinking about the Double CH formation. The most common is when you have two or more chirps that form a single sound. This is called a double chirp because of the CH […]

How to Use Version by Iqmol

The version for Iqmol is a quick and simple download and installation. It is very easy to use and the features are very powerful. The features include a calculator, currency converter and much more. Version by Iqmol is an excellent online calculator which can be […]

Introduction to Iqmol

If you have not heard of Iqmol, this article is for you. Iqmol stands for Individualized Intelligence Quotient, and it is a device that was created to help people test their intelligence on a scale that can be used in many different ways. This article […]